Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve picked a great experience, now you like to know if it’s right for you. Below are a list of question we get asked frequently, simply click on the question to display the answer. If you still have more questions, please contact us directly on 1300 694 354.

How long is my voucher valid for?

All My Heli vouchers are valid indefinitely. However, if you do not use the voucher in 12 months, if there has been a price increase you must pay the difference. All our vouchers are also refundable to the original purchaser, they are not be “cashed in” by the recipient.

Are there any weight restrictions?

Yes. The maximum weight per passenger is 120KG, however the maximum weight for all passengers must be below the max weight stated in the flight information page. Our staff will discuss this with at time of purchase.

What about age restrictions?

We have flown passengers from 2 – 97 years! However, we do recommend that children be over 3 years old as they get the most from the experience. Please discuss this with the My Heli team if you’re unsure.

Can we fly over my house?

Sure! Please make sure to tell your pilot BEFORE the flight.

Can I transfer my voucher to someone else?

Absolutely. You may transfer your voucher to another person at no cost, however we need the request in writing. Please email and quote your voucher number, who gave it to you and who you’d like to gift it to.

What happens if the weather is bad on the day of my flight?

Rest assured, we don’t want you to fly in the rain! Our pilots will check the aviation weather to day before your flight and if it looks marginal, we will call to arrange a different day. Please note, all weather decisions are solely the discretion of My Heli staff.

Can I amend my flight booking at last minute?

Generally no, if you have a confirmed booking and your pilot is already at the airfield then you will need to fly as planned. However, please call us and if we can help you, we will.

Can I fly when I’m pregnant?

Yes, if you can drive and are mobile then there is no issues. We recommend not flying after 8 months and you’ll need to sit in a backseat, as the front seat harness will press against your belly.

I have special needs, can I still fly?

At My Heli we have taken many special needs passengers and as each case is unique, it must be discussed in detail with Matthew Quinlan our chief pilot. Matthew will not only decide if it’s safe but he will come up with a plan that is least stressful for the passenger. We have made some young peoples very happy by taking them on their very first helicopter ride.

Can I use my mobile phone in the helicopter?

Yes, the best use is as a camera for recording your amazing flight but if you want to text friends and post images to Facebook you can!